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Monday, October 26, 2009

October: Robert Frost Poems

This month, we're going to ingnite the conversation a little differently. Instead of my asking the questions, YOU are going to ask them. That's right - ask whatever you want to ask...about the Robert Frost poems, that is. Why TWO roads diverging? Why a YELLOW wood? Did Frost really stop by woods on a snowy evening? And then anyone can answer; everyone feel free to speak up and and add your comments. There are no right or wrong answers. (And no such thing as a stupid question.)

To get us started, here is one of my questions: Do you think the world will end in fire, or ice? And why?

If you are up for some extra credit (or if you want to skip the first bit and just do this), here's a different assignment: Pick your favorite poem from the list of 6 that you read, include the poem in your comment (if it's not one already on the blog), and tell us why you like it.

OH! When leaving your comment, please tell us the names of the 3 poems you chose, and include the entire poem if it hasn't already been posted. Thanks!

I look forward to talking poetry!!!


Rissalee said...

Hello??? Is anyone out there? I know that Gigi, fthlvhope, and LB read Frost this month. Any thoughts? Comments? Questions? Come on, guys, we can do this!!! It's poetry! It's ROBERT FROST!! :o)

fthluvhope said...

I put my thoughts on your first Frost posting... does that count!? ;) I think I'm finished w/ reading for the year... my list is set and I hope to finish it! Any thoughts for next year? Did you find this blogging adventure successful?