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Monday, August 10, 2009


It's August, which means back to school (for some) and a new book for the book club. This month's reading is DAISY MILLER by Henry James. We'll have a post for August comments soon -- and it's never too late to post your comments on previous books!

Happy reading!


Rissalee said...

August has come and gone, and I've not read Daisy Miller. Bad girl. :o) I'm not sure when I will read it...but if you've read it, please leave your comments! Hopefully, I'll be back on the bloggy track soon.

fthluvhope said...

Have you ever read it? I did in college. The good thing is that it is really short! I will skim it soon and post my thoughts (though they may be a bit outdated!)

Rissalee said...

Yah, I read it in college, but I'm so swamped in Freud and Thomas Kyd that I don't have time to read the shortest of works. Hopefully, soon! I look forward to your comments, as always.