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Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's September!

Greetings, readers. This month's book is THREE CUPS OF TEA by Greg Mortensen. I've heard good things and bad things about this book...and decided to read it for myself and see what I thought. I'm curious to read your thoughts too!

I might be a little late in posting, just because I'm swamped with required reading for my classes...but I'll get to the bloggy book club eventually and post when I've read the books.

I'm very much looking forward to Frost next month (yay, poetry!!!) and to the book about war and first ladies. I like to be challenged in my thinking and to learn new facts about history, so even though the books are long, I'm expecting that they will be informative and worth the time.

If you're busy, read when you can and comment when you have the time. The blog's always open! Happy reading!


fthluvhope said...

I read this book back in December 2008, so I will skim it soon and post my thoughts. I have not been able to read since school started! :( I miss my summer reading days! Here is what is up to deck on my reading list (in order): 1) Mansfield Park (I am about 1/3 in and was reading it with some of my freshmen. However, since school ended we haven't been able to meet on it. But my goal is always to finish a book. So hopefully I can pick it up again soon!); 2) Suite Francaise (started in early August and have only gotten about 2 chapters in); 3) Harry Potter (I told my sister I would start this over Labor Day when I came to visit her. My goal was to read the whole series by Christmas.); 4) Life of Pi; 5) The Time Travellers Wife (before I see the movie!); 6) Daisy Miller (re-read); 7) The Poisonwood Bible; 8) Three Cups of Tea (re-read); 9) Robert Frost Poems; 10) Lolita. If I can read these 10 books(plus the Harry Potter series!) before the end of the year I will be VERY happy! :)

Rissalee said...

FTH: You've got your work cut out! I have a stack that I'd like to read by year's end too, but I'm not holding my breath. I've already reached my reading goal for 2009, so any additional books will be a bonus. Of course, I hope to finish the bloggy reads: Daisy Miller, Three Cups of Tea, Robert Frost, War as I Knew It, and The Secret Lives of First Ladies. In addition, I hope to read the following books (all of which are sitting on my shelf, having been recommended to me by various mentors): What's So Amazing About Grace?, Love in the Time of Cholera, The Powerful Self, and I Hate Conflict! The truth of the matter is, my textbooks (Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy and English Renaissance Drama), along with various critical essays are currently kicking my butt. Plus, the assigned papers that I have to write...makes for one tired cookie. I know you can relate and I envy your graduated status. :o) I'll get there eventually...

Lisa Ensor said...

ok, so I haven't made much time to leave book reviews- BUT I'm enjoying the books and I look forward to this months read! and also very excited for some poetry next month!

Lisa Ensor said...

I JUST finished the book! I LOVED it. I think it's the best book I've read all year- travel, adventure, kids and perspective is what this books about. I was trying really hard to finish it by sept. 30th- but with 15 pages left I didn't push it.
I am very inspired and I think much more informed too. I had been an ignorant american with not much knowledge on the world or the middle east either. I had a hard time at first, reading about him praying and learning about being a muslim- but I got over that and really enjoyed the book.
GREAT pick Marissa! I never would have picked this book out on my own either. Miss you and wish we could talk about it in person over coffee with the kids running around together :)